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T. Gargour & Fils (TGF) is a diversified group of companies with a rich history that dates back to 1928. Founded in Jafa, Palestine by the late Tawfiq Gargour in partnership with his four sons, Nicolas, Habib, John, and Allenby, the group initially focused on trading activities, which gradually expanded over the years into new horizons.

Gargour Shipping Company, a part of the TGF group, has a long and successful history in the shipping industry. The company takes pride in the fact that it was the agent for the first vessel to call Aqaba Port in 1953, playing a significant role in the development of the port. Gargour Shipping previously owned their own ships under the name of “Associated Levant Lines,“ which specialized in reefer cargo and ran regularly from Europe to the Levant region from the early 1960s until the late 1990s.

Gargour Shipping Company is particularly proud of its participation in various projects which have enhanced the strategic importance of Aqaba Port. One of the major projects was the "Tanga Grain Project" which started in 1984 in conjunction with Gearbulk of Norway and a private local company working with the Iraqi government. Up to 2 million tons of grain were handled per year till August 1990 when the project was suspended in compliance with the U.N sanctions against Iraq.

Today, Gargour Shipping is a leader in the shipping agency and logistics services in the region through its modern network of offices operating in Amman, Aqaba, Beirut, Bethlehem, Baghdad, Basrah and Umm Qaser. The company's commitment to excellence in the shipping industry is evident in its long and distinguished history, and it continues to provide exceptional service to its clients, building on its rich legacy and looking forward to a bright future.

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